Friday, 16 November 2012

Street photography

Hello :)

So recently i've been stalking reading some street photographer's blogs and articles about street photography. I've no idea why i never 'discovered' this genre of photography before but thinking about it, it's what i've always been doing unknowingly, if i see something interesting on the streets i'll immediately whip out my trusty iphone and start capturing it. Speaking of which, I'm probably that kind of person who annoys her friends and family to death randomly stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures.

Last friday, dance ended at noon so i decided to bring my camera along and shoot at the area near bras basah complex and raffles city. It was really tiring, all right, and i'm not gonna lie, it was somewhat disappointing. I mean, the whole experience was great and i met so many lovely people who i took pictures of, but the end results weren't all that great. But it's okay anyway. It was my first time going all out like this taking street photographs and it was fun and i learnt a lot.

Here are 2 favourite/best pictures out of the hundreds i took.

I don't know what makes me love street photography so much. I guess one of the reasons is that it really opens my eyes to the surroundings. I've discovered more about this area in three hours than i have all my life being here regularly. When i'm shooting, i forget about everything else and just soak up the environment, blend in, observe, and shoot. My pictures are a total disaster not that... satisfactory now but i'll work on it and maybe someday i'll actually get the desired results? >.<

And one of the most important things i realized. Street photography is kinda like buying shoes. If you don't buy a pair shoes which you loved, you're going to regret it and constantly think about them, so sometimes, just go for it. When taking pictures out in the streets, it could be the fact that you're afraid to ask or take pictures of strangers, or anything else holding you back, but once the opportunity passes it won't come back. Just like if that pair of shoes were on sale, and by the time you decide to go back and buy them, they're gone.

Random pictures of pretty stuff that i shot:

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